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 (November 2014)

1) The Club is named "West Dorset Vintage Tractor & Stationary Engine Club Ltd".


2) The object of the club is to encourage interest of members in the activities of the club.


3) The aims of the club, through its activities are the preservation of vintage agricultural vehicles, machinery, tools and other associated interests.


4) These aims to be promoted through regular meetings, an annual rally and other social events as arranged by the club commifiee.


5) All officers of the club to be paid up members of the club.


6) The affairs of the club shall be managed by a committee comprising of a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, membership secretary, newsletter editor and nine other committee members. The committee may co-opt additional members as required and such members shall remain on the committee until the next AGM. The appointed officers will also be directors of the company (one will also be company secretary) and will automatically relinquish their directorships upon leaving their appointed positions. The committee shall be empowered to fill any vacant position that arises between annual general meetings.


7) At each annual general meeting all committee members shall retire and a new committee be elected by the meeting.


8) The club's membership year is 1't March to 28th February the following year.


9) Nominations for president shall be sent to the secretary at least 28 days before the AGM.Presidents and vice president nominations to be put to club members by the committee at least 28 days before the AGM. This will be decided by a postal vote of the members. These officers will be elected for a period not exceeding 5 years when they will be eligible for re-election.


10) The annual general meeting shall be held not later than the end of January each year to co-incide with the company's accounts production. An extraordinary general meeting may be convened by a director or by the company secretary provided he/she has written request of ten or more members.


11) A resolution to wind up the club shall not be carried without the authority of two-thirds of the membership in favour. As the club is now a Company Limited by guarantee each member would have a liability of f 1 should the company be wound up owing money.


12) Application for membership shall be sent to the membership secretary in written form. The committee reserve the right to refuse membership. New members shall receive a copy of these rules of the club on joining.


13) Subscriptions shall be proposed by the committee for recommendation at the annual general meeting.


14) Payment of subscription entitles members to attend all monthly meetings, the annual general meeting and any other meetings convened by the club. Bona-fide guests of members are welcome at club activities. Each member is entitled to one vote where appropriate.




16) The committee shall have the power to revoke the membership of any member guilty of dishonourable conduct or who in their opinion has acted, or is acting in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the club. Any such member shall have the right to a hearing at a committee meeting.


17) lt shall be the main, but not the obligation of the committee to provide the following benefits to members. (a) the arranging of an annual rally, (b) a newsletter normally six times a year, (c) public liability insurance in respect of machinery, implements, tools and other associated exhibits-owned by the member when exhibited either at events organised by the club or at other events when representing the club. Any conditions laid down by the insurers from time to time will strictly be adhered to by the member.


18) Minutes of all meetings will be made by the secretary and entered into books provided for the purpose. Minutes of general meetings will be read, approved by the meeting and signed by the chairman as a correct record.


19) The Treasurer shall be in possession of an up to date inventory of all club assets at the end of each financial year.


20) Proper books of account shall be maintained by the treasurer and made up to such date as determined by the committee and shall be presented at the annual general meeting. The accounts will be professionally audited if deemed necessary by the committee. The books and accounts shall be open to inspection by any member upon prior written request with reasonable period of notice.


21) The property of the club shall be vested in the treasurer together with other officers as may be appropriate.


22) Notice of any proposed changes to these rules should be sent to the secretary at least twenty-eight days before the annual general meeting where they will be heard and voted upon provided that there are enough paid-up members attending the meeting, the minimum of which is thirty paid up members.


23) ln the event of the club being wound-up any money or property shall be donated to such deserving local charities as determined by the directors and committee of the day.


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